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Lauren's Story

A fear of being judged. A fear of not belonging. A fear of not being accepted.

Now I have broken free.


I am a dork.

A self pro-claimed comedian

(that's right- I find myself hilarious)

and I am proud of it.


I don't take life too seriously and you will find me constantly taking the piss out of myself.

A day without laughter is a day wasted (how cliché of me).

Let Lauren ignite that feeling back into you. Find that inner child again. Let her out!

Smile xo

Media Kit

I'm getting all fancy on you ;) 

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There's no surprise Lauren LOVES to talk and her passion for her message continues to shine through in everything she does. Below are a few podcasts she has been featured on. If you are wanting to interview Lauren or hear more of her story, enquire here.