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‘"A Journey To Health - A Body Does Not Define You’ is a brave, powerful and inspiring memoir from a young lady who has suffered through life so her readers don’t have to. As females, we are all on a continuous journey to health that is so much more than how you look in the mirror or the number that stares back at you from the scales. Lauren Minicozzi, at times painfully, yet beautifully captures this journey and acts as a positive and inspiring voice in a modern world of unrealistic standards, online negativity and downright incorrect health and beauty expectations. This book acts as a guide book as to how Lauren tackled her health battles to help inspire other young females to take their own action and set themselves free on a path of self-love and acceptance."

" Lauren you are amazing. I finished your book in one sitting...I cried, and laughed, and shared similar thoughts and experiences throughout my life- which resonated so deeply. The self love tasks are perfect, especially raising a daughter who needs to be resilient in this new world we live in. So in
short- thank you. This truly is a life changing read... I loved it!"

I"'m a few chapters in and omg Lauren this is deep s**t... and scarily relatable! I'm not a reader at all and honestly i've struggled to get through a book my whole life but i'm determined to finish this!"

This book is not just for 'young females.' It is for everyone. For parents, mothers, fathers, brothers, anyone and everyone. The things you will learn from Laurens story and the insight she provides is a message we all need to listen and act on. This book was an amazing read and I could not put it down.

I was absolutely blown away by this read. It's one of the most honest and relatable things iv'e ever read. You'll be helping so many females with it.